RR Viewer Online offers new opportunities to evaluate autonomic nervous system

We, the team of professionals in various fields including mathematicians, physicians, programmers, and physicists joined together under the name Research of Complex Systems team offer you new opportunities for evaluation of autonomic nervous system condition in cardiac rhythm analysis. The technique we offer is based on thermodynamic information concept of Claude Shannon, the dissipative structures theory of Ilya Prigogine, and Dirichlet distribution entropy properties.

Our technique ensures higher accuracy in evaluating the potential of the autonomic system to use additional human resources as compared to the traditional methods.

RR Viewer Online is added to the Russian Registry of computer programs.

RR Viewer works after sign in procedure in any browser. User interface will automatically adjusted with size screen.

How it works

On computer


Each RR Viewer Online user has his/her own space in our cloud which is isolated from spaces of others and may be used by the user for loading his/her files for analysis (rhythmograms).


Wait for a while till your file is processed by our system. You will be aware of termination of processing.


Once a file has been processed, you may study it in your browser via the RR Viewer Online web interface or load the file to your computer.

On smartphone

For smartphones based on the Android operating system, a special application is available, thanks to which it is convenient and comfortable to work with RR Viewer on devices with small screens.


To work with a mobile application requires a heart rate monitor, such as the production of Zephyr or Polar. This device needs to be connected to a Bluetooth 4.0 LE smartphone and start recording.

Make recrod

During recording, the smartphone screen will display information about the pulse, time and rhythm. You can send a record for analysis after the first minute.


After processing the file you will see the result immediately on your smartphone screen. The file will be saved in your account and will be available through your browser.


What is it?

RR Viewer Online is the program intended to evaluate the condition of autonomic control in analysis of cardiac rhythm based on informational entropy of Dirichlet distribution.

Why it works?

RR Viewer Online involves the method that examines the autonomic nervous system condition based on the thermodynamic information concept of Claude Shannon, the dissipative structures theory of Ilya Prigogine, and Dirichlet distribution entropy properties.

What is needed to operate RR Viewer Online?

RR Viewer Online makes it possible to evaluate with higher accuracy the condition of the heart function control mechanisms as compared to the traditional methods of cardiac rhythm analysis. It may be of great importance in the study of the vegetative tonus, autonomic reaction and vegetative assurance of function.

Why it is needed?

RR Viewer Online allows information about reserves of the organism control systems to be received rapidly and in a user-friendly manner.

RR Viewer Online will help the people engaged in work of high responsibility and long duration and subject to a number of negative factors (psychiemotional stress, physical inactivity, fatigue of visual and acoustic analyzers) to retain concentration and workability.

RR Viewer Online will help sport and exercise medicine doctors, coaches and sportsmen to detect changes in functional condition and physical fitness.

RR Viewer Online may be used by busy people or people in a hurry as an adaptability indicator of their organisms to physical and mental load and will help them to know physiological resources of their organisms and take advantage of health preservation and achieve active longevity.

Which files may be processed by RR Viewer Online?

In study of vegetative tonus and autonomic reaction RR Viewer Online allows researchers to know homeostatic abilities of organism and numerically estimate them by the amplitude-time (dynamic) characteristic of control of the integrative system of vegetative organism functions.

Why it is better?

Before operating RR Viewer Online, registration is necessary. Work with RR Viewer Online requires files with rhythmocardiograms to be loaded into dedicated space in the cloud for analysis. RR Viewer Online has web-interface, therefore you may use your browser (at present use of mobile phones is not assured). Installation of additional software on your computer is not needed.

Are there features?

RR Viewer Online supports data loading from ordinary text files where R-R intervals are located in a line-by-line manner – one interval in a line. RR Viewer Online may retrieve data from files in specified types of wearable devices, for instance Zephyr. We shall extend support to other wearable devices.