Condition of use


Service is a software package (RR Viewer Online) that may be operated via a web-interface.
A User is a person which complies with registration requirements to gain access to the service.

Project status

The project is subject to open testing. The service may function with errors and inaccuracies. To participate in testing, a User is to register.


To register, the User is to voluntarily provide the following data: e-mail address, name, surname, occupation, and anticipated approach to use of the Service. Registration on the web-site will mean that a User agrees to all conditions of use. If the user does not accept any provision of the document, his/her registration will be rejected.

Account deletion

Once an account is deleted, the content thereof is deleted and may not be recovered including:

all files loaded by a User for analysis
all data described in the Registration section.

Data acquisition

RCSteam acquires only the data described in the Registration section. Information is acquired only for being in contact with a User, protection of his/her account and access recovery if the password for access to the account is lost. A User allows RCSteam the data for as long as the account exists. None of the acquired data will be communicated to third parties and will be deleted from RCSteam hardware as soon as a User decides on deletion of his/her account.

File repository

After registration each User receives 100 MB of space in the RCSteam cloud repository for loading files for analysis.


The Service is provided as it is offered and no guarantees and liabilities of any kind are implied. A User agrees to assume all risks in using the Service. RCSteam assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by use of the Service.


All matters posted on the web-site including audio, video, text materials and software as well as algorithms and know-how are under ownership of RCSteam unless specified otherwise. The materials may not be reproduced in any form and by any means without RCSteam’s permission. The intellectual property is protected by laws of the Russian Federation.


RCSteam reserves the right to unilaterally revise these conditions of use with at least a 5-day prior notice forwarded to a User. Once an amendment has been made and a User does not agree to any provision in this instrument, the User is to immediately delete his/her account and not to use the Service any more.